The X1 Assault is an external porch version of the X1 Strike, featuring a sheltered entrance and small cooking area. Like its siblings, the X1 Raid and X1 Strike, it uses our unique X-tex fabric. We are hesitant to call the X-tex fabric revolutionary – it still has limitations – but it does present significant improvements and advantages over the existing PTFE-type breathable membrane fabrics that are currently used. You can read the technical explanation here.

The Assault has the same arrangement of the diagonal poles as the X1 Strike. These are inserted through external pole sleeves, and a third pole, positioned internally, is added to create significantly more space at the head of the tent. The Assault also has a small porch, made from Cuben fabric, to give a covered storage area and to provide full protection to the inner tent door (a vulnerability in single-skin tents). As on all the X1 models, the guy points loop around the poles themselves taking stress directly off the seams.

Covered porch area
Third pole for extra headroom
Central roof vent
Mesh panel in door

Technical Specifications

People 2
Total weight 4 lb 5 oz (1.95 kg) (complete)
Colour Red, Green, Black

Waterproof and breathable X-tex
3.5 oz/yd² (120 g/m²), 50 denier, polyester ripstop
10,000 mm hydrostatic head PU/activated carbon

Porch 0.5 oz/yd² (18 g/m²) Cuben
Groundsheet 2.1 oz/yd² (70 g/m²), 40 denier, ripstop nylon
10,000 mm hydrostatic head TPU coating
Poles 3 x 0.34 in (8.64 mm) Ø Yunan Ultralite
Guylines 4 x 0.08 in (2.00 mm) Dyneema with mini-Linelok adjusters
Pegs 8 x 7001-T6 square-section alloy pegs, 0.4 oz (12 g) each
Packed size

18” x 5”Ø (45 cm x 12 cm Ø)

Made In China


Red and Black are in stock
Green is unavailable until May/June 2016


Inner length 82” (210 cm)
Inner width 47” (120 cm)
Inner height 39” (100 cm)
Porch 30" (75 cm)

Care & Maintenance

Always ensure the tent is completely dry after a trip before packing it away for any length of time.

Flysheet cleaning
The best way to do this is simply to pitch the tent and wipe down with a cloth using a warm water and detergent mix. Flysheets can get stains and mildew (from being stored in a damp condition) – once these occur, they are almost impossible to remove. Never machine wash.

Groundsheet cleaning
As with the flysheet, wipe down with a cloth using a warm water and detergent mix. Never machine wash – this will cause the PU coating to delaminate.

After time, the elastic in the poles may lose its stretch, and the poles not fold away. It is possible to remove a pole foot at one end (these screw out), untie the elastic and pull it through until there is sufficient tension. Retie it to the pole foot, cut off the elastic and screw the pole foot back in. Do not let go of the elastic or you will find yourself re-threading all the sections!

Flysheet seams
Although the integrity of the seams is in most cases very good, occasionally there is insufficient tension in the stitching, which means some water can seep in. This can be rectified by applying seam-sealant. The area most susceptible to this is around the vent panels (as sewing three panels together is more difficult that a straight seam joining just two panels). (This does not apply to the X1 single-skin tents).

Product Code: CX-X1-AS

X1 Assault